Unsaid - Precious Emotions in Jewelry
Our story

Our forefathers began their journey over 120 years ago, as pearl traders in Paris. Upon returning to India they gained recognition as experts within the diamond jewellery industry and with time founded the in-house workshop we still use today. Our purpose is to create jewels that are more than mere material possessions. We believe that every jewel should immortalise life’s most precious moments and craft keepsakes that you will cherish forever.

A collection of symbols

Our design philosophy places human experience at its centre. Unsaid is a collection of symbols inspired by the emotions and stories of real people from across the world. Our jewels are crafted using ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, as well as recycled gold and silver. We want our collections to articulate a connection, between loved ones, their memories and unique histories, with each piece being carefully engineered to reflect and reveal specific feelings. Our symbols are intended to guide wearers back to those precious moments they never want to forget.

The gift of storytelling

Our purpose is to make every experience feel personal. Each Unsaid jewel rests within a box, emulating the shape of a book, designed to capture life's most precious stories. Beyond finding perfect jewellery, Unsaid acts as a platform for creative expression. We collaborate with writers and artists to interpret our symbols through their craft. Every book can be customised with a selection artworks and poetry, making each gift truly unique.