Unsaid - Precious Emotions in Jewelry

We burn with feeling

Introducing the Crimson collection. Inspired by
passion that blazes like fire and ignites the senses.

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Enduring connections and limitless love

Together or apart, some bonds evolve over time, getting deeper and stronger with each new chapter in a relationship’s story. They speak to mutual understanding and unquestioning support; they express a universe of shared experiences.
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The purest happiness

When happiness engulfs us and our hearts feel full, but words can’t capture the feeling, it’s our tears that express how we feel. The Beautiful Tear collection commemorates this universal experience and celebrates the special moments of joy.
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Stories shaped in gold

Every symbol is a tool for expression, to mark life’s most precious moments before they fade away.


A whirlwind heart

The brief moments of great feeling which transport us, and the chance encounters that can turn our world upside down in an instant. The Whirlwind collection represents the intense yet fleeting moments that sweep us off our feet.
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Handcrafted jewellery

We work closely with our designers and craftspeople to create sustainable jewellery you can be proud to wear.

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Representing what keeps you rooted

The Nest collection evokes the warmth of home and celebrates those precious spaces we call our own. It represents the places, people and memories that keep us rooted and in which we trust.

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