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Whirlwind Red Twist Ring

The Whirlwind Red Twist Ring brings alive an intense passion that ignites the senses. The swirling lines of this striking ring represent the sensation of a moment that can never fully be contained.
Silver, coated in red enamel are interlinked in dynamic twists and turns creating a sense of fluidity in the Whirlwind Red Twist Ring. Designed to immortalise the shape of the wind, this unique custom swirling ring is crafted in sterling silver.
Unsaid seeks to perfect the harmony of each one of its creations. Because of this, the gold weight and the number of precious stones can vary slightly from piece to piece depending on the size selected.
3.6 g
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Moments that turn our world around

Like a rush of air igniting our senses, some moments stir the stillness of our hearts. The Whirlwind collection embodies this invigorating feeling, where an invisible charge turns our world around.
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