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Symphony of togetherness

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Symphony of togetherness

I can still remember the day I first met her. Our families had set us up on our first date. I was told, 'she is perfect for you', but I did not believe it. We were very different. Disinterestedly, I decided to meet her anyway. As she entered the cafe, she looked around nonchalantly till she spotted me. It was as if she had seen me from afar and known it was me. She waved hello and sat down. Within a few minutes, I quickly confirmed my own presumptions. There was no instantaneous connection and no spark of love. It was strange because going on a first date typically involved a certain excitement. This was nothing like that. I did not feel the pressure of making a good first impression, at least not in the typical sense of the word. But strangely enough, it was simple, it was easy. And I felt like I could just be me. When we finally parted that evening, I was stunned to silence. Yes, there was no spark of love, but after a very long time, something had moved within me.

Looking back, I do not think I can pinpoint an exact moment when it dawned upon me that she was the one. I just knew like one knows: in my heart, in my bones and deep within my soul.

We had nothing in common but that became our biggest strength. With her, I felt calm and at peace. She drew me close yet gave me my space.

In every small way, she taught me how to be myself. I was unconditionally in love. For the very first time, I was in a relationship that carried no expectations, compromise or fear.

This 'frequency' is rare to find. As two individuals entering a new relationship, we created the most beautiful symphony – one that celebrated our differences, yet rang stronger from our togetherness.


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