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In Continuum

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In Continuum

They say, every end marks a beautiful beginning.
I say, life, it doesn't begin or end. It continues.
I only came to realise this as one chapter of my life came to a close. I wasn't saying goodbye. I couldn't. What we shared were days that slowly became years and years that fulfilled a piece of my heart.
I asked myself, how can I let go of something that has changed me forever?
I fell in love with the person it made me and dreamt of the places it would take me. I found myself embracing a state of ongoingness and the continuity of life, as we know it. I embraced the wounds of a heart that didn't know where to go. Ridiculously lost. Exhilarated too. I was leaning forward into the next moment.
I know, I told myself, there's something waiting ahead for me.
Because we live life in cycles. A continuum of many beginnings and many ends. Where the only constant is the heart. The heart that searches for answers at every juncture, only to realise that the only truth is that our journey's will always be uncertain. Yet, there is always magic in what lies ahead.
Stay relentlessly, foolishly hopeful, I tell myself.
And even when the odds are against you, good things will always come your way.


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