Unsaid - Precious Emotions in Jewelry

Immortalise life’s most precious moments


Dynamic silhouettes and free-flowing lines recreate a heart caught up in a whirlwind. The Whirlwind collection symbolises those moments of great feeling that can turn our world upside down in an instant. It represents the discoveries that make our pulse race and an impulsive spirit that inspires us to take a leap of faith.
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Brilliant cut diamonds dazzle in a unique star-shaped setting, symbolising the celestial event that takes place when a star explodes. The Supernova collection embodies the profound impact that certain relationships can have on us and the encounters that can shift our perspective and lead us along new paths.
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A contemporary take on a timeless concept; the infinity symbol is cleverly reimagined as a continuous link which represents the unfaltering bonds of lifelong friendships. A representation of absolute trust and unconditional love, the Infinite collection captures the relationships that endure through time.
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Beautiful tear

An evocative tear motif is explored to capture the most special moments of happiness - pride in a loved one’s success, the birth of a precious child, nostalgia for the best of times – allowing us to cherish their memory forever in an enchanting piece of jewellery.
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For some, home is the comfort we feel in our mother’s arms. For others, it’s the sound of a familiar voice. For all of us, it’s a place of sanctuary where we can truly be ourselves. Brilliant cut diamonds nestle at the centre of dainty pads whose undulating surfaces catch the light. Capturing the warmth of home in symbolic jewels, the Nest collection celebrates those precious spaces we call our own.

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Featuring stunning pear shaped rubies – a gemstone whose fiery red hue reflects our most intense feelings, the Crimson collection captures the passion that blazes like fire and ignites the senses. Sparked by the arrival of a new lover, or kindled by the promise of adventure, it is like a forever-burning fire that inspires us from within.
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